Welcome to Mouat's Farm.

         Mouat's Farm is a family run orchard business.                                            Located 4kms north of Batlow our property 'Wyola' was originally planted as
an orchard in the early 1920s. Greg is the second generation of Mouats on
the property and we have been running the orchard in partnership since
1985. Our fruit is marketed under the Batlow Apples label.
Apples are our main crop comprising 90% of our plantings. In addition to apples     we grow around 1200 cherry trees. We also grow a
small amount of berries.
Much of our orchard is grown on intensively planted dwarfing rootstock,
which means greater production per hectare.
Apples are available through our roadside shop from February to December.
Cherries are available from early December to mid January, depending
on seasonal variations.
For more details on shop sales go to our Price List.
We enjoy life in Batlow -the beautiful scenery, the four distinctive
seasons, the friendly community. It has been a wonderful place to raise
our three boys. Apart from our busy life on the orchard, we are both actively   involved in the local community. 


Greg and Kris